Festive Foodies Gift Box

Festive Foodies Gift Box


The Festive Foodies Gift Box - everything you need for the foodie in your life

Gooseberry and Orange Blossom Jam - Luscious and zesty with an aromatically fresh herbaceous twist. Delicious for breakfast or served with smoked mackerel

Puckalilli - Spicily delicious & flag-wavingly British! Our famous family recipe for picalilli

Strawberry Jam - A celebration of Summer; fresh and juicy with a sweet caramel finish. The perfect accompaniment to adorne any home baking

Beetroot & Orange Chutney - mix with cream cheese to make a delicious dip or add to pasta with some smoked salmon

Curried Parsnip Ketchup - transform your Festive leftovers. Pimp up those turkey sandwiches or just dunk your chips in for something completely different

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