The Ultimate Baked Camembert

This takes a simple baked camembert to a whole new level. Tear, share an thoroughly enjoy

4 Servings

30 Minutes

Sticky Chilli Salmon

This is such an easy recipe it will become one of your weekly favourites or your go to dinner party repartee

4 Servings


Beetroot Falafels with a Creamy Beetroot Dip

This is such a versatile recipe. You can enjoy them as little pink canapes with some pink fizz. Equally they are delicious served with a tortilla wrap with handfulls of salad, and even some smoked salmon

2-4 Servings

40 Minutes

Middle Eastern Halloumi Traybake

Another of our super easy traybakes, a one pot wonder for those meat-free days.

2 Servings

40 mins

Chocolate Orange Pudding with a Gooey, Melting Centre

Trust us, this may seem a little bonkers, however this is absolutely delicious and really easy to make.

6 Servings

35 Minutes